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Agriculture. LEISER. Jus Georgicum...

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Agriculture. LEISER. Jus Georgicum...
 Agriculture. LEISER, Christian Gottfried. Jus Georgicum, sive tractatus de praediis, in quo universum jus praediorum et pertinentiarum ex jure gentium, publico, feudali, Romano-Germanico... 3rd ed. Lipsiae, Lanckisianum, 1741.

Folio; 330x215 mm; Cont. H. vellum (some small defects) with marbled boards. 6 ll., pp. 784 , 20 ll. and one nice engraved frontisp. depicting the godesses Flora, Diana and a fruit godess, engraved titlevignette, 7 engravings amongst which the fine plate of 5 fishes and a crab or "Fürstliche Bothaisch Fisch Maas" and a doublepaged plate of the famous villa "Tiburtina Caesaris Augustus" and a folding mining plate called "Fodina Metallica" or "erste und andere Zeche". Throughout a bit browned, at the end somewhat heavier.

Condition Report

Third and last edition of this popular german edition on agriculture, fish- and bird-catching, viticulture, incl. this curious plate on "Hechte, Föhren, Rotheugel" etc. Humpert 3009. The lot is offered with a validexport license.

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