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Technology and mechanics. GROLLIER DE SERVIÈRE.

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Technology and mechanics. GROLLIER DE SERVIÈRE.
 Technology and mechanics. GROLLIER DE SERVIÈRE, Gaspard. Recueil d?ouvrages curieux de Mathématique et de Mécanique, ou description du Cabinet de M. Grollier de Servière. Lyon, Forey, 1719

4to, mm. 260x180; contemporary full calf binding, back with 5 ribs adorned in gold; pp. 28 nn., 101, 11 nn.; Title-page in red and black with ornaments, ornaments illustrated within the text; Initials and Head piece engr. In copper; 85 copper plates out text, some of them folded.

Condition Report

First edition, accompanied by an impressive iconography. Opera rare and curious, full of tables illustrating all sorts of mechanical appliances; tables, engraved by Daudet, illustrate all sorts of mechanical devices: hydraulic machines, locks, clocks of various kinds, and then bridges, mills, military gear. Also works in ivory made on a lathe, designed and built by the grandfather of the author, the famous man of arms and military engineer, great-grandson of the famous bibliophile Jean Grolier, and collected in his exceptional Wunderkammer. Wolf: ?It is not clear whether all the mechanisms described were actual models, or whether some drawings and descriptions were included. That many were working models is, however, obvious; and these embodied details which could not be repeated on the grand scale.? Le tavole sono numerate I-LXXXIII, ma, come indicato nel testo, la numerazione è saltata in tre tavole, 39, 48 e 76, per un errore dell?incisore. L?opera è completa con 85 tavole. Baillie, Clocks and Watches. An Historical Bibliography, pp. 153-54; Wheeler Gift Cat. 369, solo la seconda edizione del 1751; Honeyman, IV, 1560; Zeitlinger, n. 8708; Wolf, A History of Science, Technology, and Philosophy in the 16th and 17th Centuries, p. 539. The lot is offered with a valid export license.
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