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WARD's Astronomy and Geometry. Idea Trigonometriae...

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WARD's Astronomy and Geometry. Idea Trigonometriae...
 Ward?s Astronomy and Geometry. WARD, Seth. Idea Trigonometriae Demonstratae...item. Oxford, L. Lichfield, 1654

Bound with: De cometis. Oxford, 1653

Bound with: In Ismaelis bullandi astronomiae philolaicae fundamenta. Oxford, 1653

In 4to, 183x150 mm.; contemporary full calf binding; blind tolling decoration along the margins, titles on labels on the back with 4 ribs. Three titlepages within a simple frame, several illustrations in the text, headpieces adorned; some with woodcut floreal motifs and endpieces, some handwritten notes. On the titlepage, a first handwritten ex-libris dated 1702 and a second ex-libris print on a paper label in part cut off. Uniformly foxed and browned, some ink stains, unsophisticated specimen.

Condition Report

First three rare editions of the English astronomer and mathematician who was one of the founder members of the Royal Society. In 1649 he became a professor at Oxford University and he is famous for his theory of planetary motion by hypothesizing a method of calculating planetary orbits, simpler than those proposed first by Kepler and then by Bouilliau. On the title page, written by an ancient owner, black ink pen "Ex libris Dom Barnaby de Mattheis Tusculani. 1702 " Houzeau & Lancaster 11840. The lot is offered with a validexport license.

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