Psychiatry. ESQUIROL. Della Alienazione Mentale.

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Psychiatry. ESQUIROL. Della Alienazione Mentale.
 ESQUIROL, Jean Etienne Dominique. Della Alienazione Mentale e della Pazzia. Milano, Felice Rusconi, 1827

2 vols. 8vo, mm. 220x145; Original wrappers; pp. XXVII, 1 bl., 234, [2] p., 6 copper plates; pp. VIII, 266, [2], 5 copper plates. A total of 11 copper plates out text with portraits of mental deseases. Stamp of extinct library on title page. Damages on the binding, spread foxing and sign of damp stain on the margins on the plates of the second vol.

Condition Report

First edition. This version is the first Italian edition in absolute volume of the treaties of the French psychiatrist and precedes the Parisian princeps over ten years, output in 1838 with the title Des maladies mentales considerées sous le rapports medical supplies, hygiénique et médico-légal. The contributions in this Italian edition were first published between 1821 and 1826 on the Dictionnaire des sciences Medical. Timely Italian translation was the work of Luigi Calvetti, Maggiore Hospital doctor and the House of Bergamo Pazzi: he premised an introductory note and an interesting catalog of books that deal with mental illness. Of certain interest are the carvings that depict some alienated, indicating the particular features which are extensively described in the text preceding tables. The manic iconography represented in esquiroliane tables has the task of makes visible the connection between empirical observation and the disease entity, which translate respectively perceived peculiarity and the category to which they belong. Hirsch, II/p. 438.


Hirsch, II/p. 438.
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