Heinrich Theodor MENKEHienrich KIEPERT

Atlases, Lot of 2 wonderful atlases

Seconda metà dell’800; 1865
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Heinrich Theodor MENKEHienrich KIEPERT
Atlases, Lot of 2 wonderful atlases
Seconda metà dell’800; 1865

357x235 mm; 245x160 mm 

KIEPERT, Enrico. Atlante antico. Dodicicarte da servire allo studio dell'istoria antica.

Berlino,Diterico Reimer, s.d. ma seconda metà dell’800


In folio, 357x235 mm; publisher’sshagreen binding. Pp. 26 of name’s index and 12 colored lithographic plates ondouble page, pressed on strong paper. Slight sign of humidity on upper cover. Goodcopy.

This edition of this fine atlasis made up of 12 historical double-page and color plates. The plates, usefulfor the study of ancient history, represent: The world known to the ancient;The Empire of Persians and Macedonians; Egypt. - Phenicia and Palestine; AsiaCiteriore; Greece with the islands and beaches of the Aegean Sea; Greece on alarger scale; Italy; Central part of Italy; the City of Rome; Spain, Mauritaniaand Africa; Gallia, Britannia and Germany; The Roman Empire.


Unito con: MENKE,Teodoro. Atlantedel mondo antico pubblicato ad uso delle scuole del regno d'Italia.

Gotha,Giusto Perthes, 1865


4to, 245x160 mm; quarter clothbinding, gilt title on spine. Pp. 10 and 18 lithographic color plates on doublepage. Goodcopy.


Atlas of the ancient world with18 lithographic color plates on double page. The plates are preceded by apreface of the author and a historical description of the plates. The plates,drawn by Captain de Stulpnagel, concern: Egypt ahead of Cambise's time;Assyrian kingdom, Egypt, colonies of the Phoenicians and Greeks until the year627 before Crhrist; The Persian Kingdom until the time of Herodotus; Coasts ofthe sea. Ergo at the time of the Peloponnese War; Greece at the time of thePeloponnese War; Lower Satrapies of the Persian Kingdom, Greece, Greek coloniesin the times of Senofonte and Alexander the Great; Rome with peoples borderingon the times of the Kings and the Free Republic; Northern part of Italy,Liguria, Cisalpinian Gauls from the descent of the Gauls to the time ofAugustus; Southern part of Italy, Sicily since 350 before Crhrist until thetime of Augustus; Western coasts of the Mediterranean Sea from the Second PunicWar to Augustus; Gaul in the time of Caesar; Judea, Phoenicia, Celesiria at thetime of Christ or of the Apostles; Roman Empire from the time of Augustus;Italy, Sicily at the time of the Roman Emperors; Britannia, Germany, Raetia,Noricum, Pannonia in the I and II centuries of Christ. 

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