Superstitions and Mysteries. LE BRUN. Storia critica...

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Superstitions and Mysteries. LE BRUN. Storia critica...
  Superstitions and Mysteries. LE BRUN, Pierre. Storia critica delle pratiche superstiziose, che hanno sedotto i popoli, ed imbrogliato i dotti, col metodo, e co' principj per discernere gli effetti naturali. In Mantova, a spese di Dionigi Ramanzini librajo, e stampator in Verona, 1745

4 tomes in a vol. 4to, mm 270x200, full calf binding, gilt tilens and ornaments on spine; I: pp. XXXVI, 113, 3 p., 1 plate; II: pp. VII, 1, 154 p., 3 plates; III: 153, 3 p., 1 plate; IV: XVI, 138, 2. Printer?s marks on titlepages; woodcut initials, headpieces, ornaments; a total of 5 plates engraved on copper. Nice specimen with wide margins.

Condition Report

First Italian edition. Great compendium that deals with numerous superstitions, mysteries related to magic and the occult, devoting space to false medicinal remedies and an interesting chapter on dowsing. Caillet 6322; Wellcome III, p. 467