Astronomy, Astrology. MONTANARI. L'Astrologia convinta di falso.

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Astronomy, Astrology. MONTANARI. L'Astrologia convinta di falso.
 MONTANARI, Geminiano. L?Astrologia convinta di falso. Venezia, Nicolini, 1685

Small 4to, mm. 210x155; Contemporary binding in boards, engraved portrait, pp. XIV [i.e. 16], 158 [i.e. 160], in the numbering ripetion of the pages 131-132. Author?s portrait in full page out text, engraved in copper by Gall. Slight foxing, but fine specimen.

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First edition. The work of the Modenese mathematician and astronomer intends to demolish the false predictions of astrologers. Since 1675 he began to publish anonymously, along with some erudite friends, Frugnuolo the influences of the great Lagoscuro hunter, an almanac with absolutely random predictions intended to show how the probability of astrological predictions success were not statistically higher than those of pure case. The refusal to teach astrology in their courses, and the intensification of the debate caused by the great comets of 1680-82 was followed by the Astrology believes false. In the book he defends the reasons of free will and provides experimental evidence of the fallacy of astrology, also thanks to the revelation of the hoax constituted by Frugnuolo. Aside from the polemic against astrology, interesting are the various physical and astronomical observations; particularly important is the observation that the light can not be separated from caloric, according to what is found on page 5, on the basis of the author's experiences. Exemplary complete of the portrait, which is missing often.


Riccardi, II, 175; Houzeau-Lancaster, I, 5325; Vinciana, n. 1593; Ceresoli p. 367; Leg 2019.
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