Athanasius KIRCHER

Mystical and Kabbalistic properties of Numbers. KIRCHER. Arithmologia sive De abditis Numerorum mysterijs.

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Athanasius KIRCHER
Mystical and Kabbalistic properties of Numbers. KIRCHER. Arithmologia sive De abditis Numerorum mysterijs.
KIRCHER, Athanasius. Arithmologia sive De abditis Numerorum mysterijs.
Roma, Varesi, 1665

In 4to. 245 x 175 mm. Legatura coeva in pergamena molle. Pagine [16], 301, [11]. Antiporta allegorica, Emblema dei Gesuiti sul Frontespizio, Armi del Dedicatario a piena pagina, numerose figure e diagrammi nel testo, tre tabelle ripiegate fuori testo. Piccola mancanza sul dorso, alcune arrossature, bell’esemplare.  

Rara edizione originale. Importante opera che illustra le proprietà mistica e cabalistiche dei numeri. Merrill: “The Arithmologia, one of Kircher's more curious works, is a veritable gold mine of curiosities: magic formulas, amulets, and symbolic matrices. For Kircher all knowledge was to some extent bound up in mystery, and this was particularly true of numerology. Kircher did not accept the mysticism uncritically, however. Indeed much of the work is dedicated to discrediting common superstitions about numbers. He begins the book with a speculative history of the origin of the Greek and Roman numerals; he later gives the history of the Hebrew and Arabic numerals. Much of the work deals with the alleged mystical numerology of the Gnostics, Cabbalists, and Neopythagoreans. Kircher is not slow to accuse these groups of superstition and paganism. "For Kircher, as for most of his contemporaries, the universe was hierarchical and orderly. He was convinced that that order could be represented by numbers in a mystical and meaningful way. The work of his contemporaries Leibniz and Newton resulted from this faith in mathematics and its power to circumscribe the universe. The Arithmologia, like most of Kircher's works, appears at the juncture between the mystical numerologies, handed down from antiquity, and modern mathematics.” Caillet: “ Un des plus curieux ouvrages de ce prodigieux savant, traitant des nombres mystérieux, magiques, cabalistiques, gnostiques, mystiques, etc, enrichi de figures sur bois et d'un frontispice fort curieux gravé à clef. Comme tous ses ouvrages, le livre est basé sur des principes occultes. C'est l'un des rares ouvrages donnant les propriétés mystiques et cabbalistiques des nombres”. Il bel frontespizio raffigura Pitagora, con il suo triangolo 3-4-5, e un altro matematico non identificato, che contempla vari simboli mistici, quadrati magici: un angelo, che li sta esortando a ‘misurare e pensare’.
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