Botany/Pharmacology. SCALIGERUS. In Libros duos.

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Botany/Pharmacology. SCALIGERUS. In Libros duos.
 Comments on Aristotele, Botany and Pharmacology of 16th century. SCALIGERUS, Iulius Caesar. In Libros duos, qui inscribuntur De Plantis, Aristotele autore, Libri duo. Paris, Vascosan, 1556.

4to mm.240 x 165; Binding in boards; leaves, 226 numbered on recto.Slight sign of humidity, slight wormholes on the lower margin not affecting the text, good copy.

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First edition of the commentary by Scaligerus at the text De Plantis, traditionally attributed to Aristotle, but in reality of an uncertain author; the commentary deals with the history, the forms, and the pharmacological properties of the then known plants. De Renzi III / p. 695) recalls how this, and other commentaries by Scaligerus to Theophrastus, Hippocrates and Aristotle) are rich in erudition. Giulio Cesare Scaligero or Giulio Cesare Bordoni, more simply), originally from Verona, and later a French national, was one of the greatest scholars of the sixteenth century, famous for his controversy with Cardanus and Erasmus and for his incurable vanity. He was a physician, naturalist, and botanist; he gathered a magnificent herbarium of exotic plants, which he loved to color himself.
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