Galileana of 16th century. DAL MONTE. In Duos Archimedis.

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Galileana of 16th century. DAL MONTE. In Duos Archimedis.
 Galileana of 16th century. . DAL MONTE, Guidobaldo. In Duos Archimedis Aequeponderantium Libros Paraphrasis Scholijs Illustrata.Pisauri, apud Hieronymum Concordiam, 1588, Pisauri: apud Hieronymum Concordiam, 1587

Folio mm.290x210; quarter vellum binding of the XVIIIth century; pp.4, 202, 2; Vignette on title page, text within frame composed of two rules, many diagrams and geometric illustrations within text. Restoration on the inner part of the last page, fine specimen with wide margins.

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Very rare first edition of this commentary on the work of Archimedes by the friend of Galilei, the Marquis Guidobaldo Dal Monte, 1545-1607. The work condensed the foundations of mechanics itself. The work of Archimedes, which he commented and tried to reduce to a better lesson, also indicated the correct way to resolve the relationship between natural philosophy and mathematics: Archimedes would only specify the problems set by Aristotle, presupposing his postulates and agreeing with he in recognizing what in mechanics concerns mathematics and what concerns natural philosophy. Riccardi II.179; DSB IX.487-489; Bibliotheca Chemico Mathematica 1588
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