Greek translation of Bible. ARISTEA.

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Greek translation of Bible. ARISTEA.
 Greek translation of bible. ARISTEA. Aristea de settantadue interpreti scrittor greco tradotto per M. Lodouico Domenichi. Fiorenza, L. Torrentino, 1550

8vo, 160x105 mm, binding in boards. Handwritten title on back. Printer?s mark on titlepage. Woodcut initila letters and ornamentsl Handwritten note on titlepage ?R Pauli Palmarii?. Good specimen.

Condition Report

First edition. The work, in the form of a letter addressed by a certain Aristea to his brother Filocrate, tells the legend of the birth of Septuagint: the translation into Greek of the Hebrew Bible by seventy-two interpreters, then reduced to seventy in the common denomination, with reference to seventy elders who accompanied Moses to Sinai and received the Torah. It is probably the first document relating to the origins of the Greek Bible of the Seventy and the oldest text to speak of the Library of Alexandria. Lodovico Domenichi, philologist and poet, was a corrector for the Giolito publisher in Venice and for the Torrentino in Florence and also worked in the service of Cosimo de 'Medici. Edition called "bellissima" by Haym (Bibl. It. II p.668); it is all printed in a large italic font.


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wed 19 February 2020
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