History Art of Cremona. SORESINA VIDONI. La pittura cremonese descritta...

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History Art of Cremona. SORESINA VIDONI. La pittura cremonese descritta...
 History Art of Cremona. SORESINA VIDONI, Bartolomeo. La pittura cremonese descritta... Milano, dalla Societa Tipog. De? Classici Italiani, 1824

Folio; 400x280 mm; Contemporary quarter leather binding, covers in marbled paper, red morocco spine with gilt titles; pp. 142, 2 blank; Frontispiece with portrait and 26 copper plates, each one protected by tissue paper. Good copy with wide margins.

Condition Report

Rare first edition, illustrated. Very important source of art, one of the milestones in the history of painting in Cremona. The author provides information on about one hundred Cremonese painters, even minor, mainly from the Renaissance, including Bonifacio Bembo, Giulio, Vincenzo and Antonio Campi and Giambattista Trotti. In addition to the exhaustive biographies, some particular works are analyzed in detail, illustrated in the plates outside the text. The portrait of the author is engraved by Giovita Garavaglia, the tables reproducing works by Cremonese painters are made by A. Gravagni, G. Ceresa, L. Miazzi, C. Ferreri under the direction of Garavaglia himself. Schlosser Magnino p. 570; Brunet V,1183; Lozzi I, 1414, in nota.
wed 19 February 2020
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