Jesuit Travels. BARTOLI. Giappone, Cina, Asia

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Jesuit Travels. BARTOLI. Giappone, Cina, Asia
 BARTOLI, Daniello. Giappone, Cina, Asia. Dell\'historia della Compagnia di Giesu. Roma Varese, 1660, 1663, 1667

3 volumes folio, 350 x 230 mm; Contemporary vellum, linear gold frame to the covers, manuscript title on the ribbed backs, sprinkled edges. As follows:

Japan 1660, pp. 839, [1], 508, i.e. 510, [18]. The pages 57-58 repeated in the second numbering sequence. Last leaf blank.China 1663, pp [8], 1152, [8], lack at the white corner last ceaf.Asia 1667, pp. [4], 663, [9]. Third enhanced editing of the mission to Mogor and of the life and death of Fr. Ridolfo Aquaviva. Composed by the same authorSlight widespread foxing, unsophisticated specimens in the original binding.

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Very rare and important historical source on Asia, complete of the three volumes. The work of Bartoli is one of the most articulate and complete historiography of the seventeenth century, on the continents and nations where the Jesuits had operated. Based on the direct information of these around the conditions of the various countries (rites, customs, customs, legends, chronicles, political facts and geographical news), it transcends the limits of a particular story of the Company's events, to become a kind of universal history. Gamba, referring to Asia: ?the Rome edition, 1667, is preferred to the ed. orig. of 1653 because it also contains, after the VIII books of history, the "Mission of the Great Mogor" which is missing in the first ? De Backer: ?Cest dans la première partie de l?Asie que Bartoli traite amplement la vie de S. François Xavier?. Brunet: ?Ces ouvrages ont de l?intéret et se trouvent difficilement?
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