Linguistics. CALEPINO. Septem linguarum.

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Linguistics. CALEPINO. Septem linguarum.
 Calepino's Comparative dictionary. CALEPINO, Ambrogio. Septem linguarum. Patavii, typis Seminarii, Apud Joannem Manfre, 1758

Two vols bound in 1 Folio; binding in boards; pp. 8 nn. including half title and title page, 464; title page, pp. 481, 24, 86, 1; first red and black title page with printer?s mark depicting the phoenix raising from flames, Initials, text on two columns,on the final part text on three columns. Nice specimen.

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Rare edition, edited and enhanced by Jacopo Facciolati. Ambrogio da Calepio, called Il Calepino, an Augustinian friar descending from a noble family from Bergamo, dedicated his life to compiling the Dictionarium latinum, a Latin-Italian lexicon considered the first example of a bilingual dictionary. The work, published in Reggio in 1502, sanctioned, in the West, the transition from the glossary to the dictionary. The Latin dictionary of Calepino was, during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the reference work used for each type of translation. Jacopo Facciolati, Torreglia 1682-Padova 1769, poet, writer and eminent Latinist, in 1719 expanded and amended the Lexicon Septem Linguarum, making it an encyclopedic and systematic work that, as the title indicates, offers the concordance of lemmas in seven languages.
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