Medicine, surgery and ophthalmology. Lot of 4 works.

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Medicine, surgery and ophthalmology. Lot of 4 works.
 Medicine, surgery and ophthalmology. Lotto di 4 Opere di Medicina uniti in unico volume.

Large 8vo, 200x120 mm, quaerter calf and cloth, gilt titles and ornaments at the spine, sprayed edges. Some foxing and sign of wear, overall good condition.

ASSALINI, Paolo. Manuale di Chirurgia. Napoli, G. Rusconi, 1840

3 Carte di tavole ripiegate al fine. Esemplare conforme sbn.

Legato con: PANVINI, Pasquale. Letto fumigatorio ossia nuovo apparecchio per somministrare? Napoli, A. Coda, 1821

Legato con: DONEGANA, Carlo. Della pupilla artificiale Ragionamento. Milano, G. Silvestri, 1809

3 Carte di tavole ripiegate al fine.

Legato con: CRIVELLI, Antonio. Nuovo meccanismo per ottenere la piu' vantaggiosa combustione dello idrogeno mediante l'ossigeno [Segue] Descrizione d?una nuova toppa? Milano, G. Pirotta, 1818

2 Carte di Tavole ripiegate al fine.1 Volume

Condition Report

Three important works by Panvini, Donegana and Crivelli are in First Edition. Donegana's treatise on eye surgery is accompanied by 3 engraved tables; Crivelli's work on combustion of hydrogen is illustrated by two repeatedly folded plates. The volume opens with the first part of the fundamental Manual of Surgery by Paolo Assalini, which eventually shows three tables in which the tools for performing operations and operations are depicted and described.
wed 19 February 2020
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