Phisiology. CAMPER. Dissertation Physique.

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Phisiology. CAMPER. Dissertation Physique.
 Phisiology. CAMPER, Pierre. Dissertation Physique. Utrecht, B. Wild et J. Altheer, 1791

4to, 265x225 mm; binding on boards. Pp. VIII, 114, [2]. 10 folded plates engraved on copper at the end of volume. Very good condition and specimen with wide margins and uncut.

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Important work on craniology, which introduces the facial angle or "corner of Camper", a theory that gave to the Dutch doctor an enormous fame. The measurement of the facial angle is one of the first measurements made in physical anthropology. He noticed that the Europeans had an angle of 90 , the "Orientals" 80 , Negrioes 70 and orangutans 58 He noticed that the Africans were the furthest away from the classical ideals of beauty, but it was believed that all races had evolved from a common ancestor and Camper was always opposed to slavery, and later his results were exploited by openly racist scientists. Camper developed and discussed his facial measurement methodology in 1760 and 1770, but this was not formally published until the Verhandeling's publication and its translation into French in 1791, presumably published in the same year as the Dutch edition by the publisher himself. The work was published posthumously by the son of the author Adrian Gilles Camper.
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