Politics. SANSOVINO. Del governo et amministratione di diversi regni...

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Politics. SANSOVINO. Del governo et amministratione di diversi regni...
 Geopolitics. SANSOVINO, Francesco. Del governo et amministratione di diversi regni, et republiche, cosė antiche, come moderne, di M. Francesco Sansovino libri 22. Vinegia, Altobello Salicato, 1607

8vo, 200x145 mm, full vellum binding, title written on the spine. Printer's device on title page (La Fortezza: una donna tiene tra le mani i due tronconi di una colonna spezzata. In una cornice figurata. Motto: Materiam superat opus). Cc. [8], 200. Woodcut initials and ornments. Fine copy.

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Rare and interesting first edition of this work which had great success and circulation. It presents news of historical, geographical, political, economic and social interest concerning various European states. Only the news on Ragusa, Genoa and Lucca are direct work of the author, the others were reworked, translations, or pieces simply derived from the works of Paolo Giovio, Gaspare Contarini, Alfonso Ulloa, Leandro Muzio, Ottaviano Vestrio and others. Of particular interest is the last chapter, in fact a free translation of Thomas More's Utopia, "Of the Government of the Republic of Utopia". See Iccu; "Ancient juridical editions in the Italian language", I, 1, p. 208. Francesco Sansovino (1521-1586), man of letters and polygraph, was at the center of the Italian cultural life of the 16th century. He was the author, curator or translator of 97 works in less than thirty years of literary production.
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