Popular comedy set in America in XVI cent. BANCHIERI.

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Popular comedy set in America in XVI cent. BANCHIERI.
  Popular comedy set in America in the 16th century. BANCHIERI BANCHIERI, Adriano. La nobiltà dell'asino di Attabalippa dal Perù prouincia del mondo nouo, tradotta in lingua italiana. Pavia, Andrea Viani, 1592

16mo, 146x92 mm; blank wrappers, title stamped in the spine. Pp. [10] 70. On the title-page ornamental woodcut depicting a unicorn; Initial decorated with floral motifs, roman and italics type. Missing the final blank leave. Traces of use, unsophisticated copy.

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A very rare edition, output together with the first of Venice. Written under the pseudonym Attabalippa from Peru by the volcanic Bolognese composer, the book is in the tradition of burlesque, vernacular literature: although other animals such as the horse, elephant, monkey, lion or dog, can compete with donkey, place certainly belongs to the latter, according to Banchieri, the palm of the finest living animal in nature. The donkey's praise is stated explicitly in the long title of the noble animal ?Con sì faceto & piacevole discorso si raccontano tutte le sue facoltà, proprietà, virtù, & eccellenze.? The opera was a huge success, was reprinted several times throughout the seventeenth century and was translated into French, English and German. Composer of sacred and secular music, music theorist and essayist, Banchieri has left us an enormous amount of essays and theoretical texts, only partly published. As for his literary works, written mostly under the pseudonym Camillo Scaligeri della Fratta, he produced several texts in language or dialect of Bologna, including comedies, mostly of popular taste and satirical-burlesque. His is the News of Cacasenno, continuation of Bertoldo and Bertoldino of Croce. See MISCHIATI, Oscar. A. Banchieri (1568-1634) - Profilo biografico e bibliografia delle opere, in Annuario 1965-1970 del conservatorio di musica G.B. Martini di Bologna, Bologna 1971, pp. 39-201, p 133, n. 42 "bianche pp. (2) e le ultime 2". M.C. Figorilli, Meglio ignorante che dotto. L'elogio paradossale in prosa nel Cinquecento, Napoli, 2008, pp. 68-74.
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