Rare Work of Giacomo Casanova. Supplimento...

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Rare Work of Giacomo Casanova. Supplimento...
 Rare Work of Giacomo Casanova. CASANOVA, Giacomo. Supplimento alla Esposizione ragionata della controversia che sussiste tra la Repubblica di Venezia e quella d'Olanda. [Venezia]: s.e. 1785

In-8vo, mm 193x125; contemporary remondiniana binding, decorated paper in woodcut imprinting; pp. LIX, 3 blank. Woodcut vignette on the title page. On verso of anterior end page a signature of previous ownership unreadable. Slight but uniform foxing.

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Very rare first edition. This is the second pamphlet written by Casanova on the dispute between Holland and Venice, focusing on commercial fraud perpetrated by Venetian brothers Zannovich and the damage of two Dutch merchants. Despite the intervention of Venetian diplomacy, Netherlands, when it came the injury, asked a compensation for damage, but Venice refused to comply and caused the Dutch reaction. Casanova managed to reconstruct the facts with a large amount of documentary sources gathered by the Venetian ambassador to Vienna Sebastiano Foscarini, who obviously defended the Venetian position. With this defensive defense of the Republic, Casanova made the last attempt to regain the Venetian benevolence in the vain hope to return to Venice.


Casanoviana, XXIV, 2. At the supposed publication site, see The British Library, General Catalog of Printed Books to 1975, 338, p. 164.
wed 19 February 2020
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