Roman Archeology. ANTOLINI. Le rovine di Veleia.

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Roman Archeology. ANTOLINI. Le rovine di Veleia.
 Roman Archeology. ANTOLINI, Giovanni Antonio. Le rovine di Veleia. Milano, SocietÓ Tipografica de? Classici Italiani, 1819-1822

2 volumi in folio; 450x305 mm; quarter calf binding, gilt title on label and gilt ornaments on spine; gilt frame on covers. Volume I: Pp. VII, [1], 34, [2]. Colored frontispiece engraved by Giuseppe Castellini. 8 plates o.t. engraved on copper by Durelli, Arienti and Bramati. Volume II: Pp. 24, [6]. 10 plates engraved on copper, which of 1 is folded. Headpiece and endpiece engraved on copper. A total of 19 plates engraved on copper o.t. Nice copy with wide margins.

Condition Report

First edition. Since 1816 Antolini dedicated himself to the study of the ruins of the city of Veleia. This was the third opportunity for the author, to confront the "relief" of works of classical antiquity, but even more than in previous occasions, his operationhave the "project" of reconstruction of an entire city. In the graphs, which he published in these two volumes, in which he illustrates the Forum, reproducing the elevations and sections, the Casa Nobile, with a design of the facade, and in the "general section of the ruins", both his mature the interpretative capacity of antiquity, the planning will that is now natural to exercise in a phase of data collection and their systematization. The peculiarities of the third antiquarian publication of the architect undoubtedly consists in the plates of the elevations and sections of the Forum, in the facade of the Casa Nobile and, above all, in the large plate of the General Section of ruins, which denote both a sincere interest in antiquity is a never suppressed projected will for a long time forcibly repressed, which had to weigh not a little on the elderly architect, and that pushed him, on this occasion, to "rebuild" the destroyed city. The lot is offered with a valid export license.
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