Theater of 16th century. DOLCE. Le Tragedie...

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Theater of 16th century. DOLCE. Le Tragedie...
 Theater of 16th century. DOLCE, Lodovico. Le Tragedie cioč: Giocasta, Medea, Didone, Ifigenia, Thieste, Hecuba. Venetia, D. Farri, 1566

Small 8vo, 150x95 mm; Vellum binding, title written on the spine and lower edges. Leaves 53 + 3 b. (general title page + dedication + Giocasta); 44 leaves (Medea); 42 leaves + 2 b. (Didone); 56 leaves (Ifigenia); 32 leaves (Thieste); 47 leaves + 1 leaf b. (Hecuba). Printer's mark on title page: Winged profile woman (Hope) resting on the world, also winged, with folded hands and head turned to the sun, whose rays rage from the sky. Every tragedy has its own title page, woodcut initials. Good specimen slightly browning.

Condition Report

Very rare collection of works of the first half of the fifteenth century, each with its own title page. The collection is divided into 6 tragedies of 5 acts each. There are two dedicatory letters, one of the beginning of the volume and dedicated by the author to Marc'Antonio da Mulla, dated: Venice January 9, while the other is present in the work "Hecuba" and is dedicated by the author to Christoforo da Canale".
wed 19 February 2020
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