Very rare first edition of Valeriano’s Poems. VALERIANO. Amorum Libri V.

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Very rare first edition of Valeriano’s Poems. VALERIANO. Amorum Libri V.
 VALERIANO, Piero. Amorum Libri V. Venezia, G. Giolito Di Ferrarii, 1549

8vo, 160x100 mm, full vellum binding, title written on the spine, sign of joints. Printer's mark on title page and last leaf. Elegantwoodcut initials and ornaments. Slight damage on spine, good copy.First edition. The five Amorous books, written in elegiac verses, were composed in 1524 and remained unpublished for a long time. The sixth book, on the other hand, collects four juvenile operas already in Venice in 1509 with the title of Praeludia. All the poetic compositions, relevant to the great style and the many news contained, are devoted to some of the protagonists of the intellectual life of the time: Isabella Gonzaga, Bembo, Beroaldo, Fracastoro, Sabellico, Sannazaro. Pietro Valeriano, 1477-1558, a humanist from Belluno born Giovanni Pietro Bolzani From Fosse, was the nephew of the illustrious greek Urbano Dalle Fosse, who in 1493 introduced him to Aldo Manuzio's circle in Venice. Here he had masterminds Valla, Lascaris and Sabellico, who suggested that he adopt the name of Piero Valeriano. In 1509 he moved to Rome, where he became a patron of Pope Leo X, who entrusted the education of his nephews, Ippolito and Alessandro. In 1537, following the death of Clement VII and Ippolito and Alessandro de 'Medici, he retired in Belluno for a long

Bound with: VALERIANO, Piero. Hexametri odae et epigrammata. Venezia, G. Giolito Di Ferrarii, 1550.

First Edition, dedicated to Caterina de 'Medici, of the most complete collection of Valerian neo-Roman compositions that appeared during his life. Each section of the work opens with a brief introduction by the typographer Gabriele Giolito who confirms the active participation of the author in the editorial editorial of the collection: "Quae quidem opuscula Pierius uvenis admodum ediderat, mox diligentius recogniserat, timesvi ea non abiicienda atque, ita ut recognita erant, aliis adiungi iussi ". The volume opens with a long georgic composition, De milacis culture, dedicated to Alessandro de 'Medici, dealing with the cultivation of the Indian smilies. In various ways he commemorates his friends and colleagues known in Venice, Rome and Padua: first of all the members of the Medici family; then his teacher at Belluno Giosippo Faustino; the Latin poet Pietro Corsi; the noble Roman protector of humanists Pietro Mellini; the famous Venetian humanist Ermolao Barbaro; the poet Andrea Marone; Andrea Gritti; the Veronese humanist Dante the Third Alighieri; Alberto Pius of Carpi; Giovanni Francesco and Giovanni Battista della Rovere; Cardinal Bernardo Dovizi from Bibiena; Venetian humanist Marcantonio Sabellico; Cardinal Girolamo Aleandro and others.
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