Pair of Antique Chinese Rugs of 20th century.

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Pair of Antique Chinese Rugs of 20th century.
Pair of Antique Chinese Rugs.
Beijing beginning 20th century, before 1920.

Antique Pekino pictorial large rug, beige and cobalt color, floral motives of 277x367 cm. Very good condition, original unaltered condition.

This antique Chinese rug was made with soft and shiny wool from the central region of the Chinese capital.

The decorations often with floral motifs that recall those of porcelains, very airy, consist of a round central medal and a few other signs that fill the remaining surface. Blue, with all its nuances, is the traditional color of this glittering artifact.
In general, the yarns used to deform the old carpets are very thin and together with the coarse fleece cause large knots and, therefore, thick but soft carpets.

Offered with:

Antique Chinese Pictorial Baotou rug with chinoiserie Art Deco style. 

Large Chinese Rug in Sapphire Tones with Ornate Floral Motifs of 245x305 cm. Very Good Condition, original unaltered condition.

With color and exotic patterns, this beautiful antique Chinese rug features a traditional Chinese design in blue and sapphire tones. Handwoven in China in the early 20th century, this distinctive piece showcases a sophisticated pattern inspired by floral and Chinese motifs. Luminous and rich in color and design, this carpet is a true collector's item.
wed 18 December 2019
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