Helvetius' first edition. HELVETIUS. De l'Esprit.

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Helvetius' first edition. HELVETIUS. De l'Esprit.
  Helvetius? first edition. HELVETIUS, Claude-Adrien. De l?Esprit. Paris, Chez Durand, 1758

4to; Contemporary full brown leather binding, gilt titles and ornaments on the spine, red edges.

Bound with: HELVETIUS. Lettre au Révérend Père *** Jésuite.S.l. né d. (1758)

- Arrest du Conseil d?Etat du Roi, rendu au sujet du Privilège? de l?Ouvrage intitulé, De l?Esprit. Du 10 Aout 1758. Paris, Claude Girard, 1758

- Extrait des registres de Parlement. Du vingt-trois Janvier 1759. Paris, P. G. Simon, 1759

- Arrest de la Cour du Parlement, Portant condamnation de plusieurs Livres & autres Ouvrages imprimés? Du 23 Janvier 1759. Paris, P. G. Simon, 1759

Very rare original edition in issue "C" clandestinely out that faithfully reproduces the censored edition. This book produced a huge stir and caused a scandal. The work was given to the press by virtue of a Privilege of March 12, 1758 but then, after the censorship of the Sorbonne, in November of the same year, was condemned by the Archbishop of Paris and the Parliament and, despite the retractions of Helvetius, it was burned in 1759.

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This specimen also contains four rare original documents, in the first edition. In order: the first retraction of Helvetius, followed by the second at the bottom of p. 4; the revocation of the privilege previously granted; the condemnation by the De l'Esprit Parliament, Encyclopedic and six other works; Finally, the reasons for the condemnation of Parliament, which contains a critical analysis of the work of Helvetius and other works censored, and certifies the execution of the sentence.INED 2243-bis; Goldsmith 9432; Higgs 1071; Smith, Bibl. of the Writings of Helvetius, E.2A. Fine copy.
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