Politics, Venice. CONTARINI. De Magistratibus et Repubblica Venetorum...

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Politics, Venice. CONTARINI. De Magistratibus et Repubblica Venetorum...
 History of Venice. CONTARINI, Gaspare. De Magistratibus et Repubblica Venetorum? Venezia, Baldo Sabino, 1551

Small 8vo; Contemporary sewing binding; pp. 134 incl. title page, 5 leaves nn.; title page with device, woodcut initials and ornaments, Round and Italyc type. Sign of wear, good condition.

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Rare source on Venice. Important work that describes the legal institutions and the different Magistracies of the Republic. This is the political history of the magistrates and the Republic of Venice, written by a controversial author, from an illustrious family who gave eight Doges to the Serenissima, a senator and important man of government. In 1541 he was sent, at the specific request of Emperor Charles V, as papal legate to the Colloquium of Religion of Ratisbon, which was to develop a common document between Catholics and Protestants. He believed in the need for a reform of the Church that would start from the top and not from the base and never justified the schism of the Protestants, even if he was willing to accept some points, such as marriage of the clergy and communion in both forms. Part of his work was put on the Index by the Catholic Church and for his acquaintances in the reformed area, returned to Italy, Contarini was unjustly accused of Lutheranism and isolated. The de magistratibus was the work that spread the myth of Venice throughout Europe in the 500s and 600s and ensured its author a reputation that other writings would
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