Cartesian's Philosophy. PASCOLI.

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Cartesian's Philosophy. PASCOLI.
 PASCOLI, Alessandro. Nuovo metodo per introdursi ad imitazion de' geometri con ordine, chiarezza, e brevitÓ nelle piu sottili questioni di filosofia metafisiche, logiche, morali, e fisiche. Venezia, Andrea Poletti, 1721

8vo, 200x140 mm; full vellum binding; handwritten title on spine. Polychrome sprayed edges. Pp. [16], 96. Printer?s mark on titlepage. Woodcut initials and ornaments. Marginalia. In this edition was published only the "Libro primo". Cfr. avvertenza "Lo stampatore", on l. *6r.

Bound with: PASCOLI, Alessandro. Osservazioni teoriche, e pratiche di medicina inviate per lettera agli eruditissimi signori di sua privata accademia. Venezia, Andrea Poletti, 1721

Pp. 62, [2]. Printer's mark on titlepage. Woodcut initials and ornaments. Marginalia. Nice copy with wide margins

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Valuable edition. Pascoli, an Italian philosopher and physician, in these two works draws up an analysis of the principal gnoseological axioms of Cartesio. In these writings of early adulthood are already present the salient elements of Pascoli's culture and ideas, which reverberate not only in specific issues, but also in the propensity to hold together the various fields of knowledge: clearly Cartesian inspiration, mitigated by a great metaphysical caution and an accentuation of the apologetic potentialities of the work of the French philosopher in the wake of the second generation of 'moderate' Cartesians, a marked interest in questions of method and gnoseology, antiatomism, mechanism, as well as an updated medical culture in which mechanistic conceptions and chemical concepts converge, as well as a certain therapeutic empiricism of Redian matrix.
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