Economy. NECKER. Compte rendu au Roi.

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Economy. NECKER. Compte rendu au Roi.
 NECKER, Jacques. Compte rendu au Roi par M. Necker Directeur général des Finances Au mois de janvier 1781. Imprimé par ordre de sa Majesté. A Paris, De l?Imprimerie Royale, 1781

4to, mm. 255x195; contemporary full marbled calf, label on red morocco with gilt title on adorned back marbled edges; pp. [4], engraved plate with portrait and allegory of France, pp. 116, a big table folded o.t., 2 geographic maps engraved on copper with contemporary coloring. Ex-libris Francois Tocaven printed in the first insidecover. Yellowings on titlepage, little restoration on the esternal margin of page 1, otherwise a good copy with a wide margins and printed on strong paper.

Three contemporary manuscripts follow: [AUGEARD, Jacques-Mathieu]. Lettre d?un ami è M. Necker. [1781] pp. 117-148.

Déclaration de M. Bourboulon, Trésorier de. M.r le Comte d?Artois. [At the end:] A.. ce 15 mars 1781. Signé Bourboulon.pp. 148-152, pp. 153 ? 158 bianche.

Mémoire de M. Necker Directeur Général des finances Sur l?Etablissement de l?Administration provinciale en 1778. pp. 159 ? 231.

The three works are of the same hand. Elegant and clear handwriting in italic of easy reading, brown ink. In pencil, page numbers, linear framing of the text and lines of the writing mirror. Perfect conservation.

Condition Report

Important set of original works, bound together by a collector or a scholar of the time. We point out the particular relevance of the second manuscript, the Déclaration of Bourboulon, since it could be a precious source for identifying the author of the Lettre d'un ami, a pamphlet that was published anonymously in 1781.The Compte rendu of Necker, in rare first edition, is the first public presentation of the budget and expenditure of the French government. The New Palgrave: ?In 1781 Necker's famous Compte Rendu au Roi appeared, addressed rather to the public than to the head of the state. His popularity increased; the success of his report, the first of its class, though incomplete, was great.?. The Lettre d'un ami is a strong criticism of the Compte rendu of Necker. An anonymous release, the work is attributed to Jacques-Mathieu Augeard, who claims its authorship in his Mémoires Secrets - Documents inédits, an important memoir written in the early 1800s, but published only in 1866.Very curious and interesting, but also very important, is the Déclaration de M. Bourboulon, which ends with the date and the signature "ce 15 mars 1781. Signé Bourboulon" The document signed by Bourboulon directly follows the Lettre, continuing on the same page in which the pamphlet ends, supporting the idea that he is the author. The volume concludes with the Mémoire de M. Necker of 1778. Ined: ?Necker développe ses principes sur la constitution de la monarchie (sur l'administration provinciale, les abus qui y règnent, et la nécessité de la délivrer de toutes sortes d'entraves), et suggère au Roi d'y faire quelques changements.? All manuscripts have some variations respect the printed works. Provenance: Ink stamp on inside front cover: Ex-libris Francois Tocaven, with a coat of arms.Compte rendu: Kress B.360; Goldsmiths 12183 & 12184; Einaudi 4094, No in INED.Mémoire de M. Necker: Einaudi 4106; INED 3365; Kress B.389.Lettre d?un ami è M. Necker - Déclaration de M. Bourboulon J.M. Augeard, Mémoires Secrets, Paris, Plon, 1866, pp. 99-100; AA.VV., Correspondance secrete, politique, & litteraire, Volume 11, Londres, Chez John Adamson, 1788, pp. 172-174 e pp. 178-179. In the 'Collection Complette de tous les Ouvrages pour et contre M. Necker' published in three volumes in Utrecht in 1782, both the Lettre d'un ami and the Lettre d'un bon François are published, but the Déclaration by Bourboulon does not appear.The work is offered with a valid export license.
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