Enlightenment philosophy. DELISLE DE SALES, J.B.C. De la philosophie de la nature.

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Enlightenment philosophy. DELISLE DE SALES, J.B.C. De la philosophie de la nature.
 DELISLE DE SALES, J.B.C. De la philosophie de la nature ou traité de morale pour le genre humain tiré de la philosophie et fondé sur la nature
Londres et se trouve dans la plûpart des capitales de l'Europe, 1789.

7 voll in 8vo, 205x120 mm, Contemporary full calf bindng, gilt frame on covers, gilt titles and ornaments on the spine, gilt edges. A total of over 2.800 pages. Each volume with title page engraved with fleuron. Allegorical frontispiece and a plate engraved in Vol. 1, 2 Tables in Vol 2 and 3, 3 tables in Vol 4 and 5, 1 table in Vol. 7. In total of 13  engravings. The portrait at volume 1 and the doors of volumes 2-7 are missing. Some slight flowering and traces of use, overall excellent state of conservation, specimen in an elegant period binding.

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Beautiful edition, probably with a false place in the mold, of this encyclopedic work for which the author was sentenced to exile and the book condemned to the stake for atheism and sedition. The sentence was not carried out for the strong popular support supported by Voltaire and the Philosophes. Parliament had to quash the sentence and thus ensured exceptional fame at work. Considered a pastiche of Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu and Diderot, this monumental book, pleasant to read, addresses a huge amount of domains, ranging from the history of philosophy, to the Inquisition, passions, the natural history of man, the origin of peoples and races, with curious dissertations on monsters and giants. The last part of the work is dedicated to religion: the Enlightenment criticism expressed in these pages determined the condemnation of the author and the book.
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