Enlightenment philosophy. DIDEROT. Collection complete des oeuvres.

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Enlightenment philosophy. DIDEROT. Collection complete des oeuvres.
 DIDEROT, Denis. Collection complete des oeuvres.
Londres, 1773

5 vols, 8vo, 198x115 mm; full calf binding; gilt titles and ornaments on the spine, sprinkled edges. 1 folded plate (pp. 22-23) in the first vol; 8 plates in the second vol.; woodcut frontispiece in the fifth vol. Slight damage on the spine of the IV vol., fine copy

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Nice collective edition of Diderot's works. Volume 1: Encyclopedia Prospectus, Public Education, Testing the Merits of Virtue, Treatise for Beauty, The Philosophy of the Chinese, Richardson Praise, Selection of Some Articles of Extract of Philosophy by Encyclopedia. Volume 2: Thoughts on Nature's Interpretation, Philosophical Thoughts, Letters on the Blind, Letters of Deafness, Principles of Moral Philosophy, Nature Codes. Volume 3: History of Greece, translated by the English of Temple Stanyan. Volume 4: The priceless jewels, Letter on materialism, regret of my old dressing gown, Justification of several articles in Encyclopedic Dictionary, or Legitimate Prejudice against Abraham Chaumeix. Volume 5: In dramatic poetry, the natural child or virtues, the father of the family, the humanity, or the table of indigence. Included in this collection that has never been recognized by Diderot, four non-his works: 1 - The Nature Code, by Morelly. 2 -. The principles of the moral philosophy of Beaumont. 3 - The rationale for several articles of the Encyclopedia, of Abbot Monlinot. 4 - P. Berthier's letter on materialism. Quérard II 455. Tchemerzine IV 462.
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