Essay of Descartes. CORSINI. Dissertationes IV.

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Essay of Descartes. CORSINI. Dissertationes IV.
 Essay of Descartes. CORSINI, Eduardo. Dissertationes IV. Agonisticae... Accedit Hieronicarum Catalogus. Firenze, Tipografia Imperiale, 1747

4to, 265x195 mm; binding in boards; pp. XXI, 1 bl, 160, pamphlet between p. 68 e 69. Red and black title page with copper vignette, 3 large head pieces, woodcut initials, headpieces and finals. Slight sign of wear on title page, nice copy, with wide margins, uncut.

Rare and important first edition. Each of the four dissertations examines the genesis, character, and performance of one of Panellen's games, while the appendix provides a very rich list of winners divided into games and race types, including Herodotus Halicarnassus as a rhetorical winner.

LA FORGE, Louis De - DESCARTES, Renè. Traitè de l'esprit de l'homme, de ses facultez & fonctions, & de son union avec le corps suivant les principes de Renè Descartes. Amsterdam, Wolfgang, [1670]

16mo, 130x75 mm; binding in boards, pp. [64], 462, [2]. Printer's mark on title page. Spread uniform browning due to the quality of paper and ink, unsophisticated copy.

Rare edition of Amsterdam. Louis de la Forge, a physician and philosopher, became one of the most prominent advocates of 'nouvelle philosophie'. In this work he deepens Descartes' research, especially regarding the physiology and functioning of the brain. The Traitè de l'esprit de l'homme proposes new questions and perspectives that will be resumed also by the science of the twentieth century. The work had a remarkable and lasting success, and even Madame de Sèvignè in a letter qualifies as the book 'admirable'.Vèronique Le Ru, 'La réception occasionnaliste de Descartes: des Malebranchistes à l'Encyclopédie', in "Recherches sur Diderot et sur l'Encyclopédie", 2009, n. 38.

NOUET, Jacques. Le bon usage des moments pour aller a l'Eternitè. Paris, Chez la veuve Charles Savreux, 1673

pp. 35, [1]. Printer's mark on title page. Good copy.

Curious work by the French Jesuit and theologian, probably in the first edition. Perhaps bound in volume to that of La Forge for the common reference to the thought of Saint Augustine.
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