HENRI III, King of France. Edict 1577.

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HENRI III, King of France. Edict 1577.
 HENRI III, King of France.

Editto in favore di Ottavio Bandini. Chenonceaux, April 1577

Henry, par la grâce de Dieu, Roy de France et de Polongne, A tous presens et ad venir, salut. Sçavoir faisons que nous inclinans à la supplication et requeste qui faite nous a esté en faveur de Octavio bandini. ? La somme de cinq mille livres tournoise ? par chacun an ? Donné a Chenonceaux. L'an de grâce mille cinq cent soixante-dix-sept et de nostre règne le troisiesme.?

A membranous leaf, 280x470 mm, folded in four. 22 lines, French text, minute cancellering writing, brown ink, under the text, with lighter ink, the Signature of the King. Tear that involves 10 lines with a small loss of text, which nevertheless remains intelligible. Good specimen.

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Rare edict promulgated by the Castle of Chenonceaux. Ottavio Bandini, 1558 - 1629, son of Pier Antonio Bandini, after studying Greek theology and literature in Florence, he studied at the University of Paris for three years. Father Pierantonio was the main exponent of one of the most important financial groups acting in Rome in the second half of the 16th century; the interests of the Bandini family developed in Spain and France, financing King Henry III with considerable sums. The house had branches in Lyon and Paris, and another son of Pierantonio, Mario, lived for a long time at the court of the Valois and carried out his financial operations in the shadow of this. Ottavio Bandini, also favored by the King on other occasions, made a prestigious ecclesiastical career: archbishop, member of the Holy Office, he was created cardinal by Clement VIII in 1596.
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