Chemistry. BERZELIUS. Traité de Chimie. Segue: Oeuvres Diverses.

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Chemistry. BERZELIUS. Traité de Chimie. Segue: Oeuvres Diverses.

Bruxelles, Société Typographique Belge.

5 vols Large 4to, mm. 250x170; Contemporary quarter calf binding, gilt tiltes and ornaments on the spine; pp. 608, 3 folded copper plates; pp. 582,  (2), CIV,  a copper plate at the end, numbering start by(5)-6; pp. 883, (1); pp. 364, VIII copper plates folded at the end; pp. 704.Text on 2 columns, a total of 12 copper plates out text.  Stamp of extinc tlibraries on Title pages. Missing half titles at the first three vols. Sign of dampstain on the margins of some vols., but good copy.

Condition Report

Important French edition. The Lehrbuchder Chemie is contained in the first 3 volumes; Then follow the Oeuvres diverses. The fourth volume contains the De l'emploi du chalumeau dans les analyses chimiques, the Traite de chimie, with a dictionary of the terms used in the treatise, and finally the Résumé de tous les travaux entrepris pour la progres des sciences physiques et chimiques, depuis la publication Du traite jusqu'en 1843. The fifth volume continues the Résumé.

Gillispie:“The tremendous influence which Berzelius exerted on the chemists of his time came not only from his experimental discoveries and his theoretical interpretations. His voluminous writings were translated into all important European languages and circulated everywhere in the chemical world. He reported his own discoveries in the various editions of his textbook, and he surveyed the whole progress of chemistry in his annual reports... which were translated into German, mostly by Woehler.”


Per l’opera di Berzelius, cfr. Gillispie, D.S.B., II, p. 96; Partington, IV, pp. 142-176. Per la presente traduzione, Bolton, p. 309.
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