Jules LEMAÎTRE. “Figurines. Marcel Prèvost” Prima stesura autografa.

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Jules LEMAÎTRE. “Figurines. Marcel Prèvost” Prima stesura autografa.
1853 ? 1914

?Figurines. Marcel Prèvost? Prima stesura autografa. 1896

?Il n?est pas de plus habile jeune écrivain que M. Marcel Prévost. Je n?en vois point qui ait plus adroitement administré de plus heureux dons naturels. Avec le talent il a, au plus haut point, le savoir-faire.?

4 sheets in 8vo, 202x165 mm, ivory colored paper. Text on the recto, 4 pages, minute handwriting in italics of easy reading, brown ink. Some corrections, title on the top and signature at the end. Excellent state of conservation.

Condition Report

First issue of the essay on Marcel Prèvost, which appeared in the "Figurines" section of the book "Les contemporains: études et portraits littéraires. Sixième série ", published in 1896. The manuscript text presents some variations respect to the final issue then printed, including the absence of the final note: there are then several deletions and corrections, which present a version almost completed, except for some further small retouching. Jules Lemaître in 1884 resigned as a teacher at the University of Grenoble to devote himself to books and theater. A scholar of France from the first of January 1896, he was a learned author of theatrical dramas, often full of philosophical concepts. He wrote many criticisms of contemporary authors, collected in the 8 volumes of Les Contemporains, reviews and essays on theatrical topics. This manuscript, most likely ready to be sent to the publisher, is a precious document on the literary workshop of Lemaître, an elegant and rapid writer in creation, who needs very few corrective interventions on the original issue of his writings.
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