Medicine and Parasitology. GABUCCINI. De Lumbricis...

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Medicine and Parasitology. GABUCCINI. De Lumbricis...
 GABUCCINI, Girolamo. De Lumbricis Alvum occupantibus, ac de ratione curandi eos, qui ab illis infestantur Commentarius. Venezia, Hyeronimum Scotum, 1547.

2 Works in one vol. in-8vo, 160x110 mm; 8 leaves nn., leaves 57 numb, (last n.n.) and 16 leaves nn. of index. Initials adorned. Bound with: ALTOMARI, Donato Antonio. De Alteratione, Concoctione, Digestione, preparatione, ac purgatione, ex Hippocratis & Galeni sententia Methodus. Venezia, Ioan Gryphium, 1547.

75 leaves 1 leaf.nn (registro). 2 works in 1 vol. in 8vo di mm. 160 x 110. Printer's mark at the Titlepages of Scoto and Grifo. Binding in full manuscripted vellum of the XV century. Slight sign of wormhole at the first 30 leaves and slight sign of humidity on the external margins of the first work; many contemporary manuscripted notes on the second work. Little damages on the binding, nice specimen.

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First editions of two rare medical treatises of the XVI century. The first work, of Jerome Gabuccini from Fano, is one of the first treatises of parasitology, as well as dedicated to intestinal worms to other pests encountered by the author in humans and animals (particularly in sheep). "(The author) report their various observations, made not only on humans, but also animals" (De Renzi, III / 517). The indexes include the Latin interpretatio dictionum & sententiarum Graecarum and Index Rerum memorabilium. Hirsch, II / 467; Cat. Art Ancien (1937), Bibl. Medical, n. 302; Wellcome, n. 2483, cites the second edition. Durling, Nat. Lib. Med., XVIth Cent., N. 1741.The second work, of the famous Neapolitan doctor Donato Antonio Altomari, is interesting to deal, on a proper interpretation philological theories of Galen and Hippocrates, the phenomena of digestion, with chapters covering nutrition and dietetics. De Renzi, III / 452; Wellcome, n. 242; Hirsch, I / 105; Durling, Nat. Lib. Med., XVIth Cent., N. 189.The lot is offered with a valid export license.
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