Nobility. STORACE. Istoria della famiglia Acquaviva reale d'Aragona.

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Nobility. STORACE. Istoria della famiglia Acquaviva reale d'Aragona.
 STORACE, Baldassarre. Istoria della famiglia Acquaviva reale d'Aragona con un Discorso prodromo della nobiltÓ, nomi, ed insegne degli antichi, e de' moderni, ed un ristretto in fine di quanto ampiamente si Ŕ dimostrato per pruova della distinta nobiltÓ della chiarissima casa Acquaviva. Roma, Bernab˛, 1738

4to, 278x210 mm, contemporary full vellum binding, gilt title on label at the spine. Sprayed edges. Pp. [18], 146. Vignette engraved on copper on titlepage. Headpieces, endpages and wonderful initial letters engraved on copper. 5 vignettes engraved on copper with medals on the text (p. 56, 70, 77, 79, 104) and vignette to p. 127 with a panoramic view. The engravings has been realized by Sorello and Giuseppe Filosi. The leaves B4r-D3v contain: Discorso prodromo alla storia della famiglia Acquaviva reale d'Aragona in cui si da una idea generale della nobilta, de' nomi delle famiglie, e dell'insegne degli antichi, e de' moderni. Slight stains on few pages, specimen with wide margins in good condition printed on strong paper.

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First edition of the work written by Baldassare Storace. The author, tracing historical news and sources from the Archives of Naples, as he himself admitted in the Notice to the Readers, wants to celebrate the glory of the Acquaviva family, a secular noble family of Dukes who had their seat at Atri. The author is involved in family history trying to justify their noble status and also describing the most eminent personalities of the house that are painted as great men both in the literary and in the military. Great space is also dedicated to the most illustrious exponent of the then living race, Cardinal Trojano di Acquaviva, Minister of the Catholic King in the Court of Rome. Among the two engravings there are the authors' signature. The first, single sticker with the coats of army of the Family, based on an allegory of military militant trophies, is in the hands of Catalan Miguel de Sorello, 1700 - 1765, active engraver between Barcelona, Rome and Florence. The second, representing a view of the town of Atri inscribed in a medallion accompanied by allegorical figures with the motto "Hinc Dardanus Ortus", is the work of Filosi, an the important Venetian incisor of 17th century.
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