Galileiana – Mathematics. FRISI. Elogi di Galileo Galilei e Bonaventura Cavalieri.

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Galileiana – Mathematics. FRISI. Elogi di Galileo Galilei e Bonaventura Cavalieri.

GALILEI Galileo - FRISI, Paolo. Elogi di Galileo Galilei e Bonaventura Cavalieri.

Milano, Galeazzi, 1778

2 parti in 1 vol. in-8vo, mm. 200x135; Cart. marmorizzata coeva; pp. 107, (5), 53, (1). Manca l’ultima carta bianca. Alcuni quaderni con omogenea ingiallitura, esemplare genuino. 

Prima edizione con i due Elogi riuniti. Le due opere, scritte su modello degli Éloges di D'Alembert, sono dedicate rispettivamente a Pietro Leopoldo e all’amico Pietro Verri. Frisi forně importanti contribute in matematica, fisica, idraulica e astronomia. DSB: “In physics his research must be evaluated in relation to the concepts dominant in his time, which led him to justify and interpret certain phenomena of light and aspects of electricity, referring to the vibratory motion of ether and other properties attributed to it. As an astronomer he concerned himself with the daily movement of the earth (in De motu diurno terrae, awarded a prize by the Berlin Academy), the obliquity of the ecliptic, the movement of the moon, the determination of the meridian circle, and matters concerning gravity in relation to Newton's general theories. His mathematical activity included studies on kinematics (composition of rotatory movements, etc.) and, notably, on isoperimetry. He also did work in hydraulics and was called upon to plan works for the regulation of rivers and canals in various parts of northern Italy. He was responsible for laying out the canal built in 1819 between Milan and Pavia.”

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