Philosophy and Theology. BAYLE. Oeuvres diverses.

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Philosophy and Theology. BAYLE. Oeuvres diverses.
 BAYLE, Pierre. Oeuvres diverses ? Tome premiere [-quatrieme] A La Haye, Compagnie des Libraires, 1737

4 voll. In-folio, 400x254 mm; contemporary full brown calf binding; back with 6 ribs and gilt title and ornaments; red sprayed edges. Vol. 1: pp. [36], 760, 211, 1 blank, woodcut illustrations in the text and 3 plates on full page out text, two engraved on copper and one are a woodcut. Vol. 2: pp. [26], 782, i.e. 882, 2 blank, p. 882 incorrectly numbered 782. Vol. 3, 2 parts: 3.1, pp. [8], 417, 1 blank - 3.2, pp. [14], 501-1084. Vol. 4:, pp. [20], 1044. 5 red and black titlepages with a great allegorical vignette engraved by Picart on drawing by F. Ottens, all volumes with halftitle and titlepage in the not numbering pages. Woodcut initials, endpieces, text on 2 columns, round and italic type, marginal notes. In the first volume several woodcut illustrations in the text and 3 plates on full page out text, 2 engraved on copper, p. 518 e 600, one woodcut, p. 578: in the vol. 4, big woodcut in the text with the Copernicanian System. Abrasions to bindings. Slight homogeneous brownings on the first volume; on the second volume, slight foxing and some brownings, wormholes on the edge of p. 21 to p. 79; Vol. 3 and 4 with slight foxing and yellowing. In general good condition.

Condition Report

Rare and important edition. Brunet: "Edition qui doit être préférée à celle de 1727-31, parce qu'elle contient, de plus que la première, cent cinquante lettres à sa famille, formant un cahier de 211 pp. qui est placé à la fin du premier volume.” The work contains the entire Bayle's production that he has published on the subject of theology, philosophy, criticism, history and literature, with the exception of the Dictionnaire. In the third volume there are the famous Pensées Diverses à l'occasion de la Comète, in which he expresses a firm condemnation of idolatry and superstition and gives life to the figure of the virtuous atheist: he considers the moral life independent of religious principles that they are professed, so anyone can live in an honest and virtuous way simply by following reason and common sense, regardless of whether or not to admit the existence of a God and his laws. Volume 3 is missing 10 unlisted preliminary pages with the Pensées Index, "Table Des principales Matieres": Halftitle, Titlepage, Liste de Ouvrages and Avis de Libraires are present. On the verso of the preliminary leaf 4 the "Pensées" link is pasted with which the text with numbering begins, obtained from the last page of the index. This intervention was done in the binding phase, then in the contemporary period to the publication of the work. If one considers the content of the Pensées, it is probably a censorial intervention. The text is however intact: furthermore, at the end of Volune IV, starting on page 917, the Table des Matieres begins, containing, in alphabetical order, all the topics covered, with indication of the volume and pages. Brunet I, 711.
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