PIAZZETTA. Etudes de Peinture.

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PIAZZETTA. Etudes de Peinture.
 PIAZZETTA, Giovanni Battista. Etudes de Peinture Dessinées Par Jean Baptiste Piazzetta, Gravees Par Marc Pitteri, Publiées Aux Depens De Jean Baptiste Albrizzi. A Venise, 1764.

Oblong Folio, mm. 289x400; Contemporary half leather binding and marbled paper, gilt title on label at the spine; leaves 5 nn., including title page in red and black ink, pp. 15 with text in French. Frontispiece illustrated by Pitteri, 41 copper plates I-XXXI, XXXIII-IV, XXXVII-XLII, XLVII-XLVIII. This specimen miss 7 plates. A total of, one Vignette on title page, head piece of Earl conte Woronzow, 3 illustrated initials, 1 Final, Portrait of Author, 42 copper plates.

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Very rare Venetian illustrated edition. Published at the expense of the Abruzzi, the volume was the last homage to the friend Piazzetta, who died a few years earlier. The work contains the double suite of the Piazzetta painting studios, engraved with the burin by Francesco Bartolozzi and Marco Pitteri respectively. Knox: "For educational purposes, Albrizzi had the shaded drawings cut by Bartolozzi and with perfect shading done by Pitteri: all the subjects are repeated twice." The bright self-portrait of the Venetian painter is of considerable interest. unique etching engraving performed by him. Succi: "With a clear and decisive sign Piazzetta brings out the splendid self-portrait from the pure white of the background. The face, with a defiant and almost provocative attitude, is revealed between the flaps of the hat and the shine of the precious fur, treated with a point that immediately adjusts the reactions of the different materials. "The essay" Avis pour the avangement of a jeune homme dans la peinture "by the Bolognese Gian-Pietro Cavazzoni Zannotti. Morazzoni: "The clear bright squares of the" Painting studios "have an unattainable freshness and a truly communicative gaiety, and it is easy to understand how this" album "in the Veneta Publish Academy, just printed, was imposed on schoolchildren as a compulsory text of study. "Exemplary in the Viero edition, with the continuous numbering of the tables I-XLVIII which also bear the names of the engravers, and with the typographic indication in the anti-vault" Appresso Teodoro Viero Venezia ".Succi 354 e 394-400; Berlin Kat. OS 4773; Knox, G.B. Piazzetta, 1983, pp. 81-82; Morazzoni, p. 129.
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