Attribuito a MELDOLLA, detto lo SCHIAVONE. Cristo alla Colonna.

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Attribuito a MELDOLLA, detto lo SCHIAVONE. Cristo alla Colonna.

Attribuited to Andrea MELDOLLA, called SCHIAVONE.


Christ at the Column.

Oil on wood. Painting: 694x370 mm. with Frame: 800x478 mm. Restorations. Good condition.

Condition Report

Splendid 16th century painting in a coentemporary frame painted on wood, depicting Christ at the column. In this 16th century painting, from the Venetian school, in the context of the painter Andrea Meldolla known as Andrea Schiavone, Christ is depicted in full figure with an original lateral perspective, in a painful twist, with his hands tied and the signs of the whip on his back. Note the drops of blood that fall from the side of a bright red that contrasts with the dark black of the background, which make the scene even more bloody. The figure of Christ is subjected to a process of exhaustion in its material consistency rendered with small and rapid strokes of the brush. Meldolla reinforces the chiaroscuro system in this painting, insisting on a dark background and on burnished shades just enlivened by precious and subtly calibrated lighting. The painting is in a good condition and is accompanied by a contemporary frame with some small defects. Andrea Meldolla, known as Andrea Schiavone or lo Schiavone was an Italian painter and engraver, active mainly in Venice, and was one of the main protagonists of Venetian Mannerism. He had an almost self-taught training, training on the prints of Parmigianino, Tintoretto and Francesco Salviati. He was influenced by the art of his contemporaries Tizianus and Tintoretto, reaching high peaks in pictorial art with his exasperated monumentalism and his emphatic and almost expressionist style, which will be exemplary for the subsequent experiments of Jacopo Bassano and Rembrandt. His works are in the most important museums in the world: the Adoration of the Magi (1547) at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan, (the Philosophers) in the Marciana National Library in Venice, still in Venice in the Carmini Church there are his paintings, (Caino and Abel about 1542) in the Palatine Gallery of the Uffizi, at the Metropolitan Museum of New York.
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