Botany/Pharmacopeia. PAULLI. Quadripartitum Botanicum.

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Botany/Pharmacopeia. PAULLI. Quadripartitum Botanicum.
 PAULLI, Simon. Quadripartitum Botanicum de Simplicium Medicamentorum facultatibus, in usus Medicinae candidatorum... cum Medicis, tum Anatomicis, itemque multis, Chymica Principia ac Humaniora studia spectantibus, refertum. Additis Dosis Purgantium... Argentorati, imp. Auth Fil. Simonis Paulli, 1667.

4to mm. 200 x 165; Contemporary full vellum binding; pp. 62, 690 pictorial frontispiece engraved by Haelweg; depicting the Author giving his work to Frederic III of Denmark; Coat of arms of the author and his portrait engraved in copper between pp. 37 and 38; Other frontispiece at the opening of the text; A figure with various species of leaves and fruit in the direction of p. 269; Other allegorical engraving with an obelisk at p. 569. Browned specimen due to the qualityof ink printing, good copy.

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Second edition of this well-known Pharmacopoeia of the German botanist and physician Simon Paulli, 1603-1680, native of Rostock and professor of botany at the University of Copenhagen, personal physician of the King of Denmark. The Quadripartitum Botanicum is followed by other pamphlets: Doses Medicamentorum; the Oratio Rostockii habita; the De Officio Medicorum; and finally the essay by G. Laurenberg, Organotheca hoc est modus conficiendi Herbarium Vivum, in gratiam et usum Studiosorum Medicinae.
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