Carta executoria. Carolus VI Divina favente...

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Carta executoria. Carolus VI Divina favente...
 MANOSCRITTO SICILIANO - Carolus VI Divina favente clementia... Concessione al Principe di Roccafiorita, di Palermo, del territorio allodiale della Margana, sottoscritto dal Re in fine. Mss., Vienna, 22 dicembre 1725

Large 4to, 273 x 190 mm.; contemporary full vellum binding, red sprayed edges; 215 unnumbered leafs. MS in vellum: every page with text line within a double frame and containing 12 lines of text signed at the bottom right, elegant italic type, text in Italian and Latin; on the first leaf an imperial stamp within a crowned military coat of arms. Very beatiful specimen.

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Very important original manuscript document in vellum. This is an imposing imperial diploma of Charles VI, 1685-1740, signed in the end "yo el Rey", which grants to Francesco Bonanno del Bosco, Prince of Roccafiorita, the recognition of the enfiteutical contract for the enjoyment of the allodial territory of Margana, near Palermo. First, the code contains the instrument signed on July 4, 1723 between the Prince of Roccafiorita and the abbot of the Cistercian Abbey of the Magione dei Teutonici, where the Marginal allodial territory is rented for the annual rent of 1337 Once. There are numerous testimonies and decrees made by the Great Court Archbishop of Palermo about this usufruct of land. At the direction of paper 204, the registration of the diploma by Antonio De Fialdi, Secretary of the Emperor and Scribe of the Supreme Consilium, on June 20, 1724. The final papers contain the official decree and end with the date 22 December 1725 and the emperor Charles VI's signature. Don Francesco Bonanno is one of the most prestigious exponents of the powerful and noble Bonanno family who ruled Misilmeri from 1721 to 1812. In addition to Duke of Misilmeri, he was also Baron of Siculiana, Ravanusa, Canicattė, Vicar General and Deputy of the Kingdom, and Captain and the Pretore of Palermo ...; Out of the Sicilian context was also Knight of the Golden Toson, Great of Spain, Gentleman of King Vittorio Amedeo of Savoy and Charles III of Bourbon King of Naples and Sicily, Aulic Councilor of the Emperor Carlo VI of Austria and King of Sicily.
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