Jewish. DE POMIS. Dittionario novo hebraico.

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Jewish. DE POMIS. Dittionario novo hebraico.
 DE POMIS, David. Dittionario novo hebraico, molto copioso, dechiarato in tre lingue. Venetiis, Giovanni di Gara, 1587

4to, 295x195 mm; half calf and boards binding, handwriting title on the lower edge, spine with 3 bands. L. 62 [i.e. 64] 238. Collatio: A⁶ B-P⁴ Q 1-39⁶ 40⁴, some Mistakes in numeration. Woodcut initial letters, head pieces, tail piaces. Text on 2 two columns, text in Hebrew, Latin and Italian languages, roman and italic type. Sisto V's coat of arms at the start of the dedication, decorative ornamente at the end of the hebrew's prefation, within a cartouche with a palm tree supported by 2 facing lions. Stamp of extinct library on the verso of the last leaf "Conventus Carmelitar. Bononiae". Slight traces of dampstain on the margin of some pages. Nice specimen.

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Rare first edition. Important trilingual dictionary, the most famous work of this Italian physician and philosopher jew, member of an ancient family whose origins, according to his autobiography, including the introduction of the work, even refer to the lineage of King David. DBI "is a novelty in the panorama of Jewish literature ... The result was a work in two columns (one dedicated to Jewish entries and the other foreign entries made by its Hebrew) where de' Pomis presented the main terms of the Hebrew language in three languages. The peculiarity of the work is extremely precise use he makes of the three languages: each lemma in fact has an explanation in Hebrew and Latin, which almost coincide in content and length and separate discussion in the vernacular. The reason lies in the author's will to help the Jews learned to perfect Latin and to the Christians the Hebrew language, while the vernacular is reserved to explain in more detail some aspects, or to submit anecdotes about his life and the history of 'Judaism?. It contains many new terms, especially in the historical, gemological and scientific. The work is dedicated to papa Sisto V he revoked the decree of his predecessor Gregory XIII, who in 1581 had ordered the ban on Jewish doctors to treat patients Christians. Adams, P-1823, BM STC It., P. 532.
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