Medicine. FERNEL. Therapeutices Universalis/De Abditis.

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Medicine. FERNEL. Therapeutices Universalis/De Abditis.
 FERNEL, Jean-François. Therapeutices Universalis, seu medendi rationis, libri septem. Quam totius medicinae tertiam fecit partem...

Bound with: FERNEL, Jean-François. De abditis rerum causis libri duo, postremo ab ipso authore recogniti, compluribusque in locis aucti. Frankfurt, Wechel, 1593.

2 parts in one vol. Small 8vo mm. 170 x 110; Contemporary full vellum binding; pp. 562,(46); pp. (12), 272, (24) with 2 Author?s portraits at the beginning. Headpieces, initial letters. Several handwritten notes in the text, on the titlepage of the first part and in the end of the second part. Warm holes on some leaves. Signs of humidity on the bottom of the pages. Good specimen.

Condition Report

The first part tells of therapeutic, which is the third section of the Opera Medica of the great French surgeon, which have been added: Febrium curandarum methodus generalis, and the important treatise De Luis venereae curatione, which constitutes one of the first known organic treaties on syphilis:"This work was first published in 3 books, forming part 3 of the author's Medicina (Paris, 1554). It was subsequently enlarged to 7 books as part 3 of his Universa medicina... "(Durling, Nat. Lib. Med., XVIth Cent., n. 1489). Wormholes on some pages, sign of damp stains, unsophisticated copy. The second part, De abditis rerum causis, constitutes a natural philosophy treaty, as a premise to the analysis medical and pharmaceutical preparation. J.F. Fernel (1497-1558), doctor mathematician and astronomer, was strict follower of Galen school; his greatest contribution to the history of medicine lies in the pathology studyHe introduced into medicine the term itself ("pathology"). Wellcome, I/nn. 220 e 2210.
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