Newton-VOLTAIRE. Elémens de la Philosophie de Neuton.

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Newton-VOLTAIRE. Elémens de la Philosophie de Neuton.
 VOLTAIRE, François Marie Arouet de. Elémens de la Philosophie de Neuton, mis à la portée de tout le monde. Amsterdam, Jacques Debordes, 1738

8vo, mm. 195x125; Contemporary full calf binding, spine enhanced with gilded ornaments; pp. [2, Halftitle], 399, incl. Titlepage, [1]; Titlepage in red and black engraved by Duclos with motto ?serere ne dubites?, 27 Head-pieces 22 culs-de-lampe, 58 illustrations within the text, Portrait and Frontispiece engraved by Folkema, 7 copper plates. A total of 107 vignette and End-pieces, and 9 plates out text, all engraved on copper.

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Rare first edition beautifully illustrated. This important scientific work, in which Voltaire presents the thought of Newton to the French, is regarded as the prelude to the Enlightenment. Norman: ?A popularization of Newton's scientific and philosophical ideas, Voltaire's Elemens presented Newton as the discoverer of the true system of the world and the destroyer of the errors of Cartesianism.? Babson: ?From 1720 to 1728 Voltaire lived in exile in England and became a fervent admirer of the Newtonian philosophy, which he introduced into France... Once accepted, Newton's idea were whole-earthdedly embraced in France than anywhere else. Voltaire helped much to their further knowledge, notably through this book?. Paillard: ?Pour prendre acte du rôle de Voltaire dans la diffusion de la pensée de Newton en France, commençons par rappeler que l?ouvrage où il expose le système du monde de Newton a connu près de 26 éditions entre 1738 et 1785. C?est en lisant Voltaire qu?au XVIIIe siècle on apprend ce qu?est la loi de l?attraction universelle ? Voltaire, en écrivant les Eléments inaugure une nouvelle manière de présenter la science: il ne s?agit plus de divertir et d?amuser les marquises mais de les instruire en leur faisant prendre conscience que n?est pas savant qui veut.? Bengesco, II, 1570; Cioranescu, n. 64735; Cohen, 609; Norman, n.2165; Paillard, Le problème du fatalisme dans la philosophie de Voltaire; Babson, nn. 120-21. The Lot is offered with a valid export license.
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