Pharmacy. DONZELLI. Teatro Farmaceutico, Dogmatico e Spagirico...

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Pharmacy. DONZELLI. Teatro Farmaceutico, Dogmatico e Spagirico...
 DONZELLI, Giuseppe. Teatro Farmaceutico, Dogmatico e Spagirico... In questa nuovissima edizione nuovamente accresciuto di varie cose... e di un... Trattato delle Droghe del sig. Giambattista Capello. Venezia, Remondini, 1763

Folio, mm. 375x235; Contemporary full calf binding, spine with 6 ribs with golden ornaments and rules, sprayed edges; pp. XXXVI, 360, Title page in red and black ink, text on two columns, woodcut Initials nad ornaments. Ownership signature on Title page of the Count Cozio. Slight sign of foxing, nice specimen.

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Remondiniana edition, with all the additions made after the first of 1666. This famous recipe was widely distributed in the Apothecaries world, because of its size and practicality. It is divided into four books: in the first there are "terms and figures of art spagyric glue preparation of metals for medicinal use "; in the second how the electuaries are packaged, canned and other; the third is syrups, giuleppi, decoctions, ointments, poultices; The fourth book is dedicated to medicinal plants. Opening are the list of the Saints and Doctors of the Index of native plants of the Roman soil; at the end are the additions of Ferrara-Aulisio and the Treatise of Drugs of Capello, followed by indexes.Duveen: "It must have been very popular at its time... Of special chemical interest is the first part". Prestigiosa la provenienza: la firma di possesso al titolo del conte Cozio, indica probabilmente il patrizio casalese Carlo Francesco Cozio, Conte di Montiglio e Salabue, che fu celebre scacchista e diede il suo nome ad una variante di un tipo di partita spagnola. Duveen, p. 177; Ferguson, I, p. 219.
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