Surveying. CATANEO. Dell'arte di misurare con la vista.

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Surveying. CATANEO. Dell'arte di misurare con la vista.
 CATANEO, Girolamo. Dell'arte di misurare con la vista di M. Girolamo Cataneo Novarese. Libri due. Brescia, Domenico Gromi, 1682

Small 4to mm. 200 x 150, 2 parts pp. 142 and 117, lacking last bl. A lot of woodcut illustrations in the text and some double plates numbered with the text. Small printing device in the title page. Contemporary sewing binding. Stamp of extinct library in the titlepage, the title once dubbed. Some traces of wear and slight spotting in the text.

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Late expanded edition of this practical geometry text and surveying, appeared for the first time in 1572. The first part is devoted to the basics of practical geometry, and the second to its applications in the measurement of the buildings, but especially in rural practice: wine measurements, water, grains of corn. Girolamo Cattaneo (active between 1540 and 1584), from Novara, was a military engineer and architect, and was active mainly in the Brescia, where he bought renown; published several treatises on ballistics, fortifications and military art. The present work is, however, essentially practical and textbook. D.B.I., XXII, pp. 471-4; Riccardi, I, 316-7. See Promis, Ingg. Militari in Piemonte, pp. 531-5. The lot is offered with a valid export license.
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