Allegory of providence. LEONARDELLI. Il mondo in ballo.

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Allegory of providence. LEONARDELLI. Il mondo in ballo.
 LEONARDELLI, Annibale. Il mondo in ballo regolato dalla Provvidenza Divina. Bologna, Longhi, 1692

16mo, 140x62 mm; full leather binding, gilt titles and ornaments on the spine with 4 ribs, polycrome edges. Woodcut ornaments on title page. Good copy.

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First edition. Work by the Jesuit Leonardelli, dealing with faith, grace and predestination. Dance becomes the model to show the streets of providence, so it must be subtracted from the corrupt world of theaters and scenes and returned to heaven "where twin twin was born", invoking the harmony of the spheres of the stars. Annibale Leonardelli, 1623-1702, a Jesuit native to Rimini, was a lucky author of various works. Piantanida 4775. "Curious operetta in which nature, morality, politics, economy, etc. are explained in the form of dance, which ends up in the end of the world."
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