Anatomy. LANCISI. De Subitaneis Mortibus.

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Anatomy. LANCISI. De Subitaneis Mortibus.
 LANCISI, Giovanni Maria. De Subitaneis Mortibus Libri Duo. Roma, Giovanni Francesco Buagni, 1707.

4to, mm. 240x170, pp. (24), 243, with a big coat of arms of Clemente XI, of which the work is dedicated, imprinted in copper on title page. Contemporary full vellum binding. Stamp of extinct library on title page, some yellowing, but nice copy.

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First edition of this work of the great Roman surgeon, anatomist and pathologist Giovanni Maria Lancisi,1654-1720, born from the need to investigate a series of sudden deaths occurred in Rome in 1705-6; Cast yourself on the request of Clement XI autopsy performed numerous analyzes to identify the cause, here in detail returned to their several case studies. "The L. accurately described the pathological conditions observed and concluded that the deaths were due to hypertrophy and heart dilation caused by a valve malfunction" (D.B.I., LXIII / pp. 362-3). Garrison & Morton, n. 2731: "He was the first to describe valvular vegetation, and his book gives a classification of the cardiac diseases Recognized then. Lancisi's work laid the foundation for a true undestanding of cardiac pathology."
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