Archeology. MICALI. Antichi monumenti...

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Archeology. MICALI. Antichi monumenti...
 MICALI, Giuseppe. Antichi monumenti per servire all'opera intitolata l'Italia avanti il dominio dei romani. Firenze, 1810

Folio; mm. 450x310; contemporary quarter calf with corners; gilt title and ornaments on label at the spine. Pp. XI, 1 folded geographic map and LX plates engraved on copper. Beautiful endpiece engraved on copper at the end of plates'explanation. Very good specimen with wide margins.

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First edition. Atlas that runs the work, titled "Italy ahead of the Romans." There is a large map of Italy in Roman times and sixty tables, including Cortona, Fiesole and a large Volterra plant. There are already edited monuments and an around twenty new ones. In the preface the author explains the reason for his work with the will to relinquish truth about ancient Italy from the legends and vulgates of the scholars, distinguishing between the history of Italy and the history of Rome and claiming the autonomous and original contribution of the indigenous peoples of Italian civilization. Brunet III, 1696; Vinet 1677.
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