Bodoni press. HOMER. Homerou Hymnos.

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Bodoni press. HOMER. Homerou Hymnos.
 LAMBERTI, Luigi. Homerou Hymnos eis ten Demetra- Inno di Omero a Cerere. Parma, co? Tipi Bodoniani, 1805

In elephant folio; 494x335 mm; quarter calf binding with corners; gilt title on label and gilt ornaments on spine. Pp. [2], XI, [3], 25, [1]; [2], 34. Titlepage and text in greek and italian. The second part in Italian announced in the dedicatory letter of Luigi Lamberti to Francesco Melzi D'Eril, vice president of the Italian Republic. Nice specimen with wide margins.

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Rare first Bodonian edition in folio printed in Greek and Italian. Luigi Lamberti, Italian poet, writer and translator, addressed himself in his Ferrara period to the literary consecration, starting to dedicate himself to translations and to the Greek versions. The hymn to Ceres is one of his first poetic translations. The hymn to Demeter is a minor composition of Homer, included in the collection of Homeric Hymns. The hymn is of particular importance for the content because it introduces and explains the ritual of the Eleusinian Mysteries, practiced right by the goddess near the city of Eleusis and offers the allegory of the four seasons of the year. It is in fact the most ancient literary source on the myth of Demeter and Persephone.
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